The   Observer 


Gerald Gould

  25  mars   1928







The Counterfeiters is an experiment:  a long, able, intricate experiment: an experiment that fails. M. Gide is not content with the ordinary apparatus of the novelist, but he has not made up his mind what to put in its place, with the result that his personalities fade away into his method, and the plot seems to consist largely of interruptions. There are two main threads of interest - the rival personalities and literary theories of adolescence. A connection is established between the two by the literary as well as the personal enthusiasms of the adolescents. There are occasional good sayings - for instance: “Other people's appetites easily appear excessive when one doesn't share them.”  But the main impression is of a dreary and confused unpleasantness. Schoolboys, one knows, can be unpleasant: but surely they do not often engage in the circulation of false coin!